How It Works


We are a team of counselors with a passion for helping clients create changes that will lead them to a more fulfilling and healthy future. We believe that internal wellness is important and is the driving force behind the quality of one’s mental, emotional, and physical life. Having a healthy emotional balance is reflected by a lifestyle that is well-balanced. This often yields love, joy, peace, and a healthy self-image. Just like working on one’s individual physical body, it is important to adopt the same approach towards internal mental and spiritual wellness.

We believe in providing a safe, judgment-free environment for all to open up and confront the challenges which holds them back. We work with individuals, families, teens, couples, first responders and veterans who are trying to face and overcome abuse, mental pain, family and relationship issues, as well as many other types of mental health disorders.

Healing Thine Hearts approach is highly interactive and practical. We are active listeners and provide compassionate care, support, and practical feedback to help clients effectively address their unique challenges. To order additional Healing Thine Hearts topics or to learn more about Healing Thine Hearts, visit